Is It Cheaper to Build your Own Shed or Buy One?

Building a garden shed can be a great project to tackle and an affordable solution for extra storage space, but it’s essential to consider all aspects of the project before making a decision. The question of whether it’s cheaper to build your own shed or buy one has a complex answer, as it depends on a variety of factors. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of each option, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

Building a Shed

Building a shed can be a fun and rewarding DIY project, and it provides you with the opportunity to customize it to your specific needs and preferences. You can select the materials, size, and style that suit your garden and the items you want to store.


  1. Cost: Building a shed from scratch can be an affordable solution, especially if you purchase materials from a home improvement store and do the work yourself. The cost of materials will depend on the size of the shed, the type of materials you use, and whether you buy new or recycled materials.

  2. Customization: Building your own shed allows you to design it to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can select the size, materials, and style that fit your garden and the items you want to store.

  3. Satisfaction: The satisfaction of building your own shed can be a huge reward. You’ll have the pride of knowing you created something useful with your own hands and saved money in the process.


  1. Time: Building a shed can take a lot of time, especially if you’re not experienced in DIY projects. Depending on the size and complexity of the shed, it can take several weekends or more to complete.

  2. Skill: Building a shed requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. You need to have basic carpentry skills and be able to work with tools and materials. If you’re not experienced in these areas, you may need to hire a professional to help.

  3. Tools: Building a shed also requires a variety of tools, including a saw, drill, hammer, and screwdriver. If you don’t have these tools, you may need to purchase them or rent them.

Buying a Shed

If you’re looking for a quicker solution for extra storage space, buying a shed may be the better option for you. There are many types of sheds available in different sizes, materials, and styles, and you can choose one that fits your garden and your storage needs.


  1. Convenience: Buying a shed is a convenient solution as it eliminates the need for you to purchase materials and tools, and you don’t need to spend time building it. You can have a shed delivered and assembled in a matter of hours, so you can start using it right away.

  2. Quality: If you buy a shed from a reputable manufacturer, you can be assured of its quality and durability. Many sheds are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last for many years, so you can be confident in your investment.

  3. Warranty: Many sheds come with a warranty, which gives you peace of mind and protection against defects and damage. If anything goes wrong, you can have it fixed or replaced without having to pay for repairs.


  1. Cost: Buying a shed can be more expensive than building one from scratch, especially if you buy a high-quality shed from a reputable manufacturer. You may also need to pay for delivery and assembly, which can add to the cost.

  2. Limited customization: When you buy a shed, you may have limited options for customization, as you’re limited to the sizes, materials, and styles offered by the manufacturer. You may not be able to design the shed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  1. No personal touch: Buying a shed doesn’t provide the satisfaction of building it yourself, and you won’t have the personal touch and unique design that you would have if you built it yourself.


The decision of whether it’s cheaper to build your own shed or buy one is a personal one and depends on several factors. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution and have the time, skill, and tools to build your own shed, it can be a great option. However, if you want a convenient and quick solution, buying a shed may be a better choice for you. Before making a decision, consider your budget, needs, and preferences, and weigh the pros and cons of each option. Regardless of which option you choose, having a garden shed can provide you with additional storage space and enhance the look of your garden.