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Northern Ireland Shed Buying Guide

Sheds are often a key and integral part of your home and garden.

Not only are these structures extremely functional, but they can also help to further accentuate the nearby environment. Sheds can be made from numerous materials and wood is arguably the best choice due to the fact that the structure in question is capable of standing up to a fair amount of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the presence of wood will provide your garden with a decidedly organic appeal. Let's also remember that wood can be painted or stained if you hope to match nearby elements.

Still, there are a handful of considerations to address if you hope to make an informed decision. These can impact the type of structure, where it is located and its ultimate size. Let's take a a look at what our team of professionals has to say.

What is the Intended Purpose of the Shed?

There are many reasons why you might require a wooden shed in your garden. However, the two most common are storage and outdoor living needs. This is important to address, as some styles of sheds come equipped with built-in components such as shelves and protective compartments. You can therefore remain confident that items such as gardening equipment and tools will not fall victim to the elements. This is likewise an excellent way to deter theft or unauthorised access. Try and base your selection off of the number of items which need to be stored and their relative sizes.

Some sheds are likewise used as places to sit back and relax. These can sometimes be referred to by terms such as "summer houses" and "garden cabins". In this situation, comfort is king. Additions such as windows will help to provide the maximum amount of natural light and these sheds can often accommodate small pieces of furniture. Garden cabins are also great for hobbyists and crafts enthusiasts, as they can double as workshops. If the shed is meant to be used in this manner, it is prudent to ensure that it is equipped to handle mains electricity and that proper levels of ventilation are present.

Finally, some sheds are intended to become greenhouses. These should be equipped with many windows so that the interior plants will obtain an adequate amount of sunlight. As the climate can be controlled to a greater extent, greenhouses are often used during the more inclement seasons and they can be placed in various locations within a garden.

What Dimensions Will You Require?

As mentioned in the previous section, always make it a point to accurately estimate the amount of interior storage space that will be needed. For example, a ride-on lawnmower will obviously need more room when compared to a handful of gardening tools. The same holds true if you wish to store other common items such as outdoor furniture or toys.

We should likewise highlight that the footprint of the shed in question should not overwhelm your existing garden. Measure how much lawn space will be needed while taking into account other variables such as roof overhangs and any doors that will swing open. As a general rule of thumb, it is always better to overestimate the space that you require as opposed to falling short and dealing with extremely cramped conditions.

Where Will the Shed be Located?

Location is everything in terms of wooden garden sheds. This is even more relevant if you are dealing with a somewhat limited amount of space. Here are a handful of variables to analyse well in advance:

Make certain that the underlying ground is flat and level.
Ensure that the proper drainage solutions are in place if the shed will be placed in a low-lying area.
It may be better to place the shed in a shady location. This helps to avoid overheating.
The structure should be accessible from all sides (important in terms of maintenance).
Ideally, the shed should not be placed beneath any low-hanging branches (these may cause accidental damage).

Other factors that may influence where the shed will be placed include how often it is accessed, what type of items are being stored within and (if relevant) the location of a nearby mains electricity source.

Will the Shed Need to be Assembled by Professionals?

Some sheds can represent excellent do-it-yourself projects. They are equipped with instruction manuals which detail all of the assembly steps that are required. However, keep in mind that you may need to purchase extra tools. The other option is to purchase a shed that will be built by on-site professionals. This may be the best choice if you are concerned about complicated construction requirements or if you simply do not have the time to undertake such a project. Of course, compare the prices between these two options before making a final decision. Or you could consider contacting a local handyman such as - https://armaghhandymanservices.co.uk/

Might Planning Permission be Necessary?

There are many times when certain construction projects will require planning permission from your local town council. Examples include orangeries, conservatories and major renovations. The good news is that most wooden garden sheds will not need to be approved before construction can actually begin. If you are uncertain of the laws, it is wise to speak with your council. This is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings.

Wooden Garden Sheds: All About Preparation and Foresight

Modern wooden garden sheds can last for an impressive number of years with only a minimal amount of maintenance. They are attractive to behold and they provide extremely flexible storage options. Still, these structures are a very real type of investment. This is why planning ahead is the wisest choice.

Would you like to learn more about what we have to offer? Do you have additional questions about what these structures can be used for? If so, please take a few moments to contact one of our customer service representatives. We will be pleased to address any issues that you may have.

Wooden Shed Assembly & FAQ

Are wooden sheds any good?

If treated, a wooden shed can last for many years and remainsstrong and robust. Plus, the internal temperature is generally well regulated, even in the height of summer, and you don't get condensation issues associated with metal sheds. Wooden sheds are available with either overlap or tongue and groove cladding.

How big can I build a shed in my garden?

Sheds should be single storey. There should be no platforms, balconies or verandas on sheds. Sheds should be a maximum of three metres high unless they have dual pitched roofs, in which case they can be up to four metres high.

What is the maximum size of a garden shed without planning permission?

To avoid planning permission, sheds should be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m for flat roofs, 4m for dual pitched roofs or 3m in any other case.

No, structures under 25 meters squared do not require planning permission, subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to your local planning authority for any queries you may have.

Is it legal to sleep in a garden shed?

The short answer is no, if you're talking about a traditional garden shed. A garden building that is to be used as a 'granny annexe' or regular sleeping accommodation will require planning permission and must meet current building regulations. For more info see Dublin Garden Sheds.

What is the average waiting time on installation of a shed?

The average time for assembly on our Wooden Sheds is between 3 to 4 weeks.

These times will differ during peak season (May-August) or if there is extenuating circumstances (e.g. national shortage of wood).

If you have urgent need, we will do our best to help you.

How long does shed assembly take?

Approx 2-5 hours for our team.

How difficult are the sheds to build yourself?

Our sheds require at least two people to assemble and for people with experience with large flat-pack assembly, they should pose little issue.

However, if you’ve not attempted something like this before, we would recommend that you read our guide here, before you choose to assemble it yourself.

Please note that the larger sheds require stretching and the use of a tall ladder to correctly assemble. This may be dangerous for people with little construction skills.

We do not recommend undertaking this task alone, without the proper materials and in dangerous weather.

Do you assemble the sheds?

Yes, prices for assembly can be found on individual products

Can I get a shed made to my specifications?

Yes, we can make you a wooden shed to order. Equally we make many other woden products to order.

Have you seen our wooden bird feeders?

Where do you deliver to?

We offer delivery in Ireland & Northern Ireland on all products.

Fast Delivery All Over Northern Ireland Including: Belfast, Londonderry/ Derry, Lisburn, Newtownabbey, Bangor, Craigavon, Newtownards, Ballymena, Newry, Coleraine, Omagh, Antrim, Monaghan, Louth and everywhere in between.


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