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Adventure Climbing Frames

Kids Climbing Frame with Rockwall, Cargo Net and Steps - Commercial Kildare

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  • 2 x 5ft railed and roofed tower, the base is made from 6" decking timbers & the posts are made from 4" square timbers.
  • Platform height of 1.2m with
  • Reinforced routed steps.
  • Heavy duty 4ft decked rock wall and 4ft cargo net with reinforced armoured rope
  • 8ft wooden bridge.
  • 2 inch thick firemans pole
  • 2.6m Commercial Slide
  • Telescope, steering wheel, periscope, pirates wheel.
  • Double play smoothed & anti-split posts.
  • Price includes VAT
  • THIS FRAME COMPLIES WITH EN1176 Safety Standards, once it is installed correctly and on suitable surfacing and with appropriate clearance.


  • Actual - 22 x 21 x 11ft / surround - 35 x 34ft.