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Armagh Garden Sheds NI

Dundonald Wooden Garden Shed

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How to prepare for a shed installation in your Garden.


  1. Choose the location: Determine where you want your shed to be placed in your garden. Consider the size and style of the shed, as well as any local zoning or homeowner association regulations.

  2. Clear the area: Remove any obstructions, debris, or vegetation from the location. Make sure the ground is level and firm enough to support the weight of the shed.

  3. Measure and mark the area: Use measuring tape to mark the exact location and dimensions of the shed on the ground. This will help ensure that the shed is placed in the correct location and is level.

  4. Install a base: Depending on the type of shed you are installing, you may need to lay a base or foundation. This can be a simple gravel or concrete base, or a more complex foundation.

  5. Gather tools and materials: You will need a variety of tools and materials to install the shed, including a hammer, drill, saw, level, screws, and nails. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin.

  6. Follow the manufacturer's instructions: Carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the shed. This will ensure that the shed is installed correctly and safely.

  7. Seek professional help if needed: If you are unsure about any part of the installation process or if you need help with the base or foundation, consider hiring a professional to assist you.

By following these steps, you can prepare your garden for a shed installation and ensure that the process goes smoothly.