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Francisco Climbing Frame

Armagh - Climbing Frame

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Armagh - Climbing Frame with Swings & Slide

The mini play system has become more and more popular over recent years, the fact that it can incorporate:, climbing, swing and sliding, in such a small amount of space making this swing set ideal for so many different people and areas of space.

Specification Summary:

  • 7 x 90mm Pressure Treated Posts
  • 9ft Slide for a 1.5m platform height
  • Heavy duty set of steps
  • Small Platform for Slide
  • 2 Swings of your Choice (Normal, Baby, Trapeze with rings, Tyre, Button, Wooden,Flexible) Nest Swing and See Saws are
    an additional cost
  •  3” x 1.5” supports at either side
  • 14ft wide x 12ft deep

Professional installation available €445