How to Properly Care for Your Wooden Pergola

How to Properly Care for Your Wooden Pergola

A pergola can provide your garden with a sense of beauty, and  adding very real value to the entire home.

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Caring for Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl has become an extremely popular material within the back garden. Not only is this substance lightweight and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, but it also represents a cost-effective solution if you happen to be governed by a limited budget. Still, we need to remember that even vinyl will require a bit of maintenance from time to time.

One excellent recommendation is to choose the proper type of cleaner. It is wise to employ a mild detergent and warm water when wiping surfaces clean.

Harsh chemicals such as bleach may otherwise damage the vinyl over time. In the event that you happen to be dealing with stubborn stains, it is wise to employ a cleaning agent that has been specifically designed for vinyl.

Examples include brand names such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Scotch-Brite Easy Eraser. Other formulations including Goo Gone could instead be selected when dealing with sticky materials such as gum or tar.

However, there can be times when certain stains cannot be eliminated with manual labour alone. Exterior mould is a prime example. In this case, a domestic power washer may come in handy. Start out with the lowest pressure settings and adjust as necessary. You may otherwise inadvertently damage the vinyl.

How to Maintain Your Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas will add a touch of traditional class to any garden. 

One of the best ways to protect a wooden pergola from the elements is to utilise a transparent, semi-transparent or solid stain. As wood stains generally contain oil-based ingredients, these coatings will provide a waterproof barrier; helping to protect the integrity of the underlying wood.

Let us also remember that you can choose from a kaleidoscope of colours and tones based upon your unique tastes. Some stains will likewise offer protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is important to keep in mind if your pergola happens to be located within a garden with limited amounts of shade.

Most experts recommend re-staining your pergola approximately once every two to three years (depending upon its age and condition). Similar to when dealing with vinyl, wood can be cleaned before staining with the help of a pressure washer.

However, it is crucial to avoid placing the nozzle too close to the wood, as the stream of water will cause damage that cannot easily be prepared. Begin with a low pressure and use a tip with an angle of between 45 and 60 degrees. This helps to reduce the amount of pressure per square inch (PPI).

When dealing with stains resulting from the presence of mould, it is possible to add a slight amount of bleach to the pressure washer reservoir.

Please note that this is only a brief overview of some of the ways in which you can keep your pergola in top condition.