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EXIT Wood pool with sand filter pump - brown

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"The EXIT Wood pool is a round frame pool with wooden look. The pool comes standard with a sand filter pump and a pool ladder, with which you can safely enter and exit the pool. The framed swimming pool is spacious enough to use for relaxing on a floating air mattress. Or would you rather swim under water? The EXIT Wood swimming pool is a 122 centimeters deep which allows you to actually dive into it.

The Wood pool has a modern and sturdy wooden pattern on the side which creates a prominent feature for the garden. The inside of the pool is blue to create the fresh pool feeling. The EXIT pool is equipped with strong 3-layered walls, made from PVC and polyester. The round shape of the pool makes it nice and cosy and allows enough room to fit several people, so you can enjoy great times together.

Discover how sturdy a round above ground pool can be: The powder coated steel frame and the sturdy legs of the EXIT Wood pool ensure that the pool always remains stable and will last for years. And the supplied water circulation system completes the pool. The high quality sand filter pump cleans even the smallest bits of dirt out of the swimming pool by pumping the water through the filter bed with great power. This ensures that sand, pests or algy stay behind in the filter."

  • - With sand filter pump
  • - Extra deep pool
  • - Unique, natural design
  • - Includes swimming pool ladder
  • - Sustainable finish