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EXIT Wood pool 400x200x100cm, 540x250x100cm with dome and sand filter pump - brown

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"The EXIT Wood pool is a rectangular framed pool with dome. The pool with a wooden look comes standard with a sand filter pump and a pool ladder, with which you can safely enter and exit the pool.

The Wood pool has a modern and sturdy wooden pattern on the side which creates a prominent feature for the garden. The EXIT pool is equipped with strong 3-layered walls, made from PVC and polyester. And the supplied water circulation system completes the pool. The high-quality sand filter pump cleans, just like in nature, by pumping water through sand. This ensures that dirt such as sand, vermin or algae remain in the filter.

With the EXIT dome for swimming pools you are no longer at the mercy of the weather. The dome ensures that no dirt enters the water and is a sustainable solution for heating your water, because the heat from the sun is trapped under the dome. The dome is transparent and very easy to open thanks to integrated gas pressure springs. The dome also has four foldable windows.

The pool's steel black frame is extra thick and has a diameter of 50 mm. The frame legs ensure optimal stability, so that the pool always remains sturdy. Sustainability was also considered; therefore, the black frame is galvanised and powder coated to keep rust at bay. Here at EXIT Toys we call it the Duplex Coating System. Time for a refreshing dip in your own EXIT pool in the garden!"

- With sand filter pump
- Multifunctional pool dome
- Unique design
- Super sturdy frame
- Sustainable finish