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EXIT Stone pool ø244x76cm, ø300x76cm, ø360x76cm with dome, canopy and filter pump - grey

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"The EXIT Stone pool is round grey-coloured frame pool with dome and canopy. The compact pool contains a filter pump and really stands out with its cool stone pattern. Discover how sturdy a round above ground pool can be: The powder coated steel frame and the sturdy legs of the EXIT Stone pool ensure that the pool always remains stable and will last for years. The included pump refreshes the water and keeps it moving to prevent it becoming polluted.

With the EXIT dome for pools you are no longer dependent on weather predictions. The dome keeps dirt out of the water and also acts as a sustainable solution for heating the water, as the heat of the sun is kept under the dome. And thanks to the unique canopy from EXIT Toys you can go for a swim even when the sun is bright without a problem. The canopy has a user-friendly folding mechanism which allows you to create part or full shadow in no time. With the adjustable bands you can move the canopy along with the changing position of the sun and secure it at any desired height.

A unique pool with a cool stone pattern and black frame and with its natural look, the Stone pool blends in perfectly with your garden. The inside of the pool is blue, so that it still has that refreshing pool feel to it."

- Compact pool
- With cartridge filter pump
- Dome with canopy
- Unique design
- Super sturdy frame