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EXIT Panna field round ø488cm

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With the round EXIT Panna field, you transform any location into a panna field in a trice. You can easily set up the panna fields and after playing, they can be swiftly stored using a special developed fastening system. Instead of screwing the frame parts to one another, they slide into each other.

The frame of the EXIT Toys Panna fields is galvanised and powder-coated and the interior side is covered with black pvc panels for a cool look and a long lifespan. The EXIT Toys Panna fields can be used on any type of surface, both hard and soft. Therefore, the EXIT Panna field is not just great to have in the garden, but it is also suitable for football clubs and schools.

*Suitable for all surfaces
*Assembled and dismantled quickly
*Sleek black design
*Matching net available