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EXIT Leather Premium spa ø184x73cm - black

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The EXIT Leather Premium spa ø184x73cm is a hot tub that gives you a real wellness feel in your very own backyard. The black spa comes with a filter pump which can also be used for heating, a ground cover and an inflatable lid with insulating cover. The hot tub is spacious enough to fit three to four people and has a luxurious look thanks to its chic black leather print. De EXIT Leather Premium spa is black on the outside and white on the inside. The foam wall is 12 centimetres thick which makes this spa very stable and well insulated. In addition to that the foam bottom also ensures comfortable seating. Simply place the inflatable spa lid and insulating cover with safety lock over the spa and the water will stay nice and warm.

The EXIT Leather Premium spa is practically maintenance free thanks to the multi-functional pump which can heat the water up to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. The digital control panel makes it easy to set the temperature and activate the 120 air jets for those lovely bubbles.

- Energy saving, insulating foam walls
- 120 strong air jets for bubbles
- Heats up to a maximum of 40 degrees