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EXIT Kickback football rebounder 124x90cm

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"The EXIT Kickback football rebounder is a multi-functional sport device for improving your football skills. The black rebounder is suitable for many skills such as shooting, passing, receiving, goalkeeping and heading. The frame of this rebounder is galvanised and powder-coated for a longer lifespan and a sleek look. The net of the EXIT Kickback football rebounder is adjustable to various angles between 35° and 90° in 7 positions. The frame has two wheels, making it easy to move the rebounder from place to place and to store it after training.
The EXIT Kickback football rebounder gives you the option of kicking the ball and letting it pass under the net or shooting into the net so it arches back to you."

*Perfect for football clubs
*Train your football skills
*Easy to move
*Sleek black design