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EXIT Aksent wooden sandpit boat 190x90cm

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"Kids feel like a real captain or sailor when they play in the boat shaped sandpit from EXIT. The sandpit has a turnable steering wheel, a mast and a hidden storage space for all the toys and accessories.
The Aksent wooden sandpits from EXIT Toys are easy to assemble and are super sturdy. The pre drilled holes are secured with metal couplings in the corners, which makes the sandpit very stable. The corners have been painted a distinct green colour and this, in combination with the grey coloured wood, gives the sandpits a nice and modern look.
The Aksent sand pits from EXIT Toys are made of FSC® certified cedar wood (FSC 100%, FSC® SCS-COC-007799). This kind of wood is free of splinters and has a natural resistance against weather conditions like rain, which in turn also makes it resistant to rot. You don’t need to apply any kind of special treatment to the EXIT wooden sandpits before use, which means that children can safely play in them straight away."

- Sturdy metal corners
- Unique and modern design
- Mast with sail and steering wheel
- Handy storage space
- Durable 100%FSC wood